Work Fields

In Petra we are realize the difficulties facing any patient while receiving a medical service in a foreign country, so we strive to provide a wide range of services from the beginning of treatment until the end, with the best doctors and hospitals in Turkey with broad specialties and latest methods of treatment.


1- Provide advice, guidance and adequate information to customers about the health service, including pre travel and accommodation details in the country of treatment.
2- Translate letters and medical reports to the specialists in the contracted hospitals to form an initial idea about the patient's condition and possible treatment.
3- Securing visas if necessary to come to the country of treatment.
4- Setting appointments with specialists in the chosen hospitals and clinics.
5- Transport services to and from the airport, along with providing cars withwithout driver on demand.
6- Hotels or apartments booking as desired by the customer.
7- Highly qualified escorting translators for patients throughout the treatment.
8- Patient care during their stay and accompanying them during the medical tests.