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Medical Tourism

In Petra we are realize the difficulties which face any patient while receiving a medical service in a foreign country, so we seek to provide a wide range of services starting from the beginning of treatment journey until the end, with the most-skilled doctors and highly technology equipped and JCI certificated hospitals in Turkey in the widest range of specialties and latest methods of treatment.

Management Consulting

Health sector in Turkey is evolving constantly, and to keep up with its variables; we in “Petra” provide hospital management consulting services, including data analysis, human resource management, and dealing with profit and loss indicators, along with providing the most appropriate methods to raise the operational and financial performance.

Investment Consulting

With the recent economic progress in Turkey, the investment market in health sector has emerged, attracting a lot of international hospitals to invest in this sector throughout Turkey, and due to what we have in Petra from the specialized medical knowledge and experience in the Turkish market, we offer integrated consulting services that puts in your hands the economic information as well as the adequate plans and analyses to realize your position in the investment area.

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Petra company

Petra was founded in mid-2017 in the majestic city of Istanbul, to be a mediator in the field of providing therapeutic counseling and services in Turkey for patients and investors from all around the world.

Founder Dr. Yazed Khaled Al Dhesat

Master degree in medicine and surgery from the University of Ege Izmir Turkey, practical experience in the field of emergency medicine in the Turkish hospitals, a follow-up doctor of foreign patients in the Medicalpark Hospitals Group (previously).

The Staff

Qualified Staff in Different Specialties

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We offer our services in cooperation with the best Turkish hospitals

Why Turkey ?

Turkey’s sophisticated and modern health care coupled with famous Turkish hospitality makes it one of most recognized medical-tourism destinations in the world, with an increasing number of hospitals in recent years which use modern techniques and the development of methods used in treatments, especially in the field of Oncology and Interventional Radiology etc…

All this is accompanied by an increased invest in health sector, which was noticeably reflected at the level of performance, with all these expert medical staff who have left their distinct fingerprints.

And compared with European countries; the cost of treatment is appropriate. In addition to that Turkey is a tourist interface special with its charming nature and quality services provided to tourists all year round…

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